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The Grind - Our New Stream Series

The Box Arena Stream line-up is expanding! We have the burning passion of a Level 3 X-Factor Phoenix for Fighting Games, but we can't just love one genre of gaming! The Box Arena crew loves all genres of video gaming. From Puzzles games, Shooters, Action games,  RPG's and MOBA's. Our diversity is what makes us great team.

Our stream director, NAT-mECHA, will begin streaming his favorite Online PC games with Live commentary. Ranging from Star Wars of The Old Republic, League of Legends, Diablo 3 beta, and more!

Be sure to watch on Twitch.tv/theboxarena. Streaming daily during his free times. Be sure to follow him on twitter @NATmECHA for updates.


Winter GameFest 2012 x The Box Arena 


The Box Arena will be running Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom III and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 


The R.A.T.7 Impression and Product Review 

First Impressions.  
Awesome packaging, maybe not as obsessively nice like Razer's, but definitely a step up from Logitechs.  The box is made of hard cardboard with a magnetic flap and a foam insert for a snug fit.  Upon pickup you can instantly tell this is no budget mouse- gaming or not.  The package includes a nice case that encloses the custom pieces and weights to ensure nothing gets lost.   

Second Impression
Damn this mouse feels good!  Within the past ten years I've owned just about every iconic gaming mouse that has come out; from the very first Logitech MX500 to the more recent Razer Mamba. I must say this mouse feels distinctly more solid than the rest.  The mouse has an aluminum frame with rubber feet that glide noticably smoother than any of my previous mice.  


The biggest selling point of this mouse (besides its rediculous 6400 dpi) is the ability to customize the overall shape.  The Rat 7 includes a total of 3 palm rests that vary among heights and textures.  These palm rests also have the ability to slide up and down the aluminum frame to adjust to different hand sizes or grip styles.  The package also includes three different pinky rests. One of these rests is vastly different from any other mouse as it allows a place for your pinky to rest as opposed to be being dragged along the mouse pad.  The thumb rest can also be adjusted outwards or up and down the frame to suit wider grips.  Along the thumb rest the mouse not only has the usual forward and back buttons, but also a third button that switches to a custom DPI for as long as the button is 
held.. yup, perfect for sniping!  The mouse also comes with adjustable weights, although even with all the weights removed I found the mouse to be a bit on the heavier side.  To the left of the mouse click button resides a unique "mode button" that allows you to switch the six buttons to different presets.  On the software side, the Cyborg program lets you customize 4 DPI settings for on the fly switching.  The program also lets you set the presets for the "mode" button and even allows you to create macros.  

Overall I am extremely pleased with the Rat 7 Albino.  The mouse is in a class of its own with the aluminum chassis and solid construction.  The customization is unparalleled for a mouse and I love the seemingly rubber/velvet felt material that's wraped around the top of the mouse and the front left and right click buttons.  One thing to note is the left and right click buttons are slightly angled outwards towards the right which, although this a more 
natural position for your middle and index fingers, I found it a bit uncomfortable at first but I am adjusting to it quickly.

-Kuizzy Ef Baby



Purchase the Cyborg RAT 7 here and enter promo-code BOXARENA for 10% off!



Bar Fights 12/11/2011 Featuring The Box Arena

This coming Sunday is going to be full of excitment for The Fighting Game Community! Creative, Complexity, and CrossCounter.tv are presenting Bar Fights featuring many groups and companies including that of The Box Arena. We will be bringing 3 fighters; Viscant and Dios X representing us for UMVC and Steinmania representing us for SSF4:AE.

The event is free so if you can make it out to the Hunter Street Studio, be there by 5PM.

If you are unable to attend the event in person, watch the streams! Yes, I did say streams. Team Sp00ky will be streaming the main event and The Box Arena will run the secondary stream featuring Street Fighter Cross Tekken!

I suggest being there in person; Bar Fights are always Hype.


What is Frubble?

Frubble... ? Unless you live in San Diego.. or enjoy reading Wiki you have probably never heard the word. There is a definition on Wiki (with really no credibility) that Frubble is:


a state of empathetic happiness and joy experienced when an individual's romantic partner experiences happiness and joy through an outside source, including, but not limited to, another romantic interest. ...


Although that  Defininition is amusing.. I think somewhere along the line someone edited it slightly from its true meaning which is similar but a lot more general:

Total joy over another person's happiness


Now... If you live in San Diego when you hear the word Frubble you think of this:



See, here in San Diego we have a family owned Boba Shop called "Frubble" the owners Mark and Caroline Baker opened Frubble about 2 and a half years ago to introduce East County San Diego to Boba. If you are familiar with the area, you would know that East County San Diego is farm country, boondocks, Red-neckville... or just a bunch of white people and casinos. Mark was introduced to Boba by his wife Caroline and started to grow extremely fond of it. Around that time was when he decided Boba can easily become and addiction, but a good one.

Determined to introduce more people to Boba, Mark decided to open his own Boba shop right smack in the middle of East County. There were many names that crossed Mark's mind, but when he thought of Frubble it just stuck. Frubble.. "Fruit + Bubble". 

Another thing about Mark is that he is a HUGE Google guy, Android enthusiast AND gamer. He even has a blog for all things smart phone, wrote a manual on how to easily use an adroid phone AND is in the process of making his 2nd app for Android! From WOW.. to LOL... and now on to Street Fighter and Marvel, he loves and supports all games. His dream for Frubble was to have a great Boba shop open to everyone from bands, youth groups, families, birthday parties and of course, gamers. 

At this point, you are probably wondering why you are reading this... and why The Box Arena  (being a tournament organizing company) is writing about a Boba shop. The answer is simple, The Box Arena has finally found its home...The Box Arena Console Arcade is now inside of Frubble. From open to close there are PS3s, Asus monitors, and copies of UMVC3 and SSFIV:AE available to anyone...for FREE!


With space to hold 100, Frubble's doors are open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm and on Friday and Saturday he will keep is doors open until midnight or even later if needed. 

For me being an event organizer, there is nothing better than a free venue with great food, drinks, and staff...there's no reason to go anywhere else. All you have to do now is ask yourself this:

What makes you Frubbly?