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Duæl 2v2: (SF4) Top 8 - HD Vids Complete!!!

We know it took longer than expected, but here are you Street Fighter 4 2v2 Top 8 Vids in HD. Head over to our Youtube CH. for the complete video play list. T6 vids will be released soon.

Duæl 2v2 - No Blocking Vs. C U Next Tues (Grand Finals) Pt.1

Duæl 2v2 - No Blocking Vs. C U Next Tues (Grand Finals) Pt.2



Duæl 2v2 HD Video: SFIV 2 Top 8 Videos released!

Ninja Warriors Vs. Rosemead

Kim Chi & Chitlins Vs. UMAD



 More To Come: DJ Frank Fresh


Duæl 2v2 HD Video: SFIV 3 Top 8 Videos released!


Riot of The Blood versus Kim Chi & Chitlins

C U Next Tuesday versus UMAD

Ninja Warriors versus Black Money

More videos coming soon!



Duæl 2v2 HD Video: SFIV TOP 8 No Blocking vs Rosemead

We apologize that it took awhile to push these out. A lot is going on behind the scenes of The Box Arena. We will try to release 1 or more videos everyday including the Top 8 Tekken videos ( yes, we haven't forgotten about you guys as well). First up is Winners Top 8 with Team No Blocking (Combofiend and Alex Valle) versus Team Rosemead (Evil Elvis and Gootecks). Be sure to tune-in tomorrow for more HD videos!



Duæl Tournament Stream Archive up at GYT's Justin.tv

Get Your Tournament's Stream Archive has added Duæl Tournament Top 8 for both Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6. We are diligently working on the HD videos so this should wet your appetites till then ;) Thanks again to GYT for providing our stream!