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Entries in Street Fighter IV (14)


Box Arena Sessions SE - Top 8 Videos HD.

Here is the Grand Final match between ShadyK and Yeb from our last Vanilla SF4 tournament @ Frubble.  Head over to our Youtube CH. to see the rest of the Top 8 videos. Could this be the last time we see Gen in action?




GameStop's Farewell To Street Fighter 4 Event - (San Diego, CA)

Our good friend Maku will be hosting San Diego's last Vanilla Street Fighter 4 tournament in the Southbay this Saturday (4/24/10). Please come join him in support with soda, pizza and witnessing hype matches. Madcatz will be providing prizes for raffles. For more info please visit SRK post listing.


UGTL5: Proving Ground Special - (Fighting Game Event Coverage)

Here's a cool video on some of the action that went down at UGTL 5. Footage taken by Machinima & narrated by Mr. Sar. If you pay close attention, you can spot cameo appearances from The Box Arena.


Source: Machinima


Socal Level | Up Tournament - New Promo Video


 According to the Official Website, Street Fighter 4 has been completey filled in less than 24 hrs. On the other hand, there are still some available spots for Tekken 6. Here's an exclusive promo vid of the Street Fighter Legend, Alex Valle .


Source: Level|Up Tournament


Socal Level | Up Tournament - Registration Now Open!


 Alex Valle's Project Blocks (Level Up Tournament) is now available for sign ups. Head over to Galaxy For Gamer$ to register. Player entry is capped at 64 and is expected to fill up quick, so make sure your spot is secured.

NOTE: If the registration cap has been reached, do check back every so often because some spots may open due to non-payment by the registrants.

Date: February 27, 2010, 9am - 11pm

Registration Fee: $10 per game, no venue fee!

Amenities: All-day bar, eating area with tables, and game play area all in one room!

Dave & Buster's - "The Show" Room, The Block at Orange
20 City Boulevard West
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 769-1515

Source: Level|Up Series Tournament



Duæl 2v2: (SF4) Top 8 - HD Vids Complete!!!

We know it took longer than expected, but here are you Street Fighter 4 2v2 Top 8 Vids in HD. Head over to our Youtube CH. for the complete video play list. T6 vids will be released soon.

Duæl 2v2 - No Blocking Vs. C U Next Tues (Grand Finals) Pt.1

Duæl 2v2 - No Blocking Vs. C U Next Tues (Grand Finals) Pt.2